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Actions modelled at the site:

- contamination of natural and artificial water sources by radioactive, hazardous chemical and biological agents ;
- Hazardous Materials spill at the accidents at chemically dangerous objects and storage facilities;
- radioactive waste pollution;
-CBRN agents pollution of the wehicles and equipment;
- mercury spill and pollution;
- radioactive contamination of the area;
- breakdown in technical process and chemical substances production;
- breakages of technological lines at chemically dangerous objects;
- incidents at Hazmat and IRS transportation;
- ammonia emission at cooling installations;
- search and detection of unknown radiation source;
- delimitation of contamination zones and guarding;
- organising and conducting of sanitary and medical control in the contaminated zone;
- conducting of  sanitary, medical and nformative actions in the contaminated zone;
- spill bunding and primary cloud suppression;
- foam attack for secondary cloud suppression;
- decontamination after foam attack.

Applied for:

- working out and consolidating the trainees' skills in conducting operations in breathing

- developing the psychological and psychophysical qualities necessary for conducting operations under extreme conditions;

- improve the gas and fume protectors’ psychological stability to the long time loads in the environment unsuitable for breathing;

- conducting search and rescue operations in unpredictable environment;

- learning the rules of orientation in limited visibility conditions.

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