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In 14-17 August, 2018 Belarus USAR group went through re-certification according to recommendations of the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG).

The exercises were held on 8 training sites of the fire and rescue area of the iRT centre. The entire international response procedure was demonstrated at the Centre: customs and border control, discussion of the operational situation with local authorities, installation and operation of the center for receiving and sending search and rescue teams and the international coordination field headquarters, reconnaissance of the terrain and the emergency zone, conducting search and rescue operations in the destroyed buildings, rescuing the victims from under the blockages and providing them with medical care.

As the result of the exercises the members of the International Certification Commission from Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Oman, United Arab Emirates and other countries made a positive decision. USAR Belarus has successfully passed the re-certification as a detachment of heavy class.

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