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Training of United Arab Emirates specialists

From October 29 till November 09, 2018 the eighth UAE Armed Forces group passed training and shared their experience on radiological emergencies at the iRT Centre. The two-week training was devoted to responding to radioactive emergencies and incidents. This year the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates sent 8 groups of chemical service specialists for practical training at the operational-tactical field of the iRT centre. Hopefully this kind of cooperation brings mutual benefits to both sides. We are looking forward to next year cooperation!



In October 06-20 2018, 4 representatives of of the UAE Armed Forces passed training under the program “Elimination of emergencies with chemical and radioactive substances”. Outside classes were organized in the Republican Special Rescue Team and the Republican Center for Management and Emergency Response in Minsk. The following issues were practically worked out at the iRT centre: conducting emergency rescue operations in the area of chemical contamination; organization and conduct of decontamination; rescue operations in the area of radiation accident.

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From August 26 to September 08, 2018 6 representatives of the UAE Armed Forces were trained under the program “Emergency rescue operations in zones of radioactive and chemical contamination”. Theoretical classes were organized in Minsk at the University of Civil Protection. Practical skills were worked out at the operational-tactical field of the iRT centre. Studies were organized in the environment unfit for breathing, high temperature and open fire.

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From September 29 to October 6, 2018 3 representatives of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) of the United Arab Emirates were trained under the program “Monitoring and forecasting of emergencies”. Exercises were organized for the trainees in the Atomtech Unitary Enterprise, the Republican Special Response Team, the State Aviation Emergency Rescue Institution. The trainees got acquainted with the educational material base and educational opportunities of the University. As part of the cultural they visited the Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War and made a sightseeing tour about Minsk.



From June 26 till July 06, 2018 the fifth UAE Armed Forces group was trained at iRT Centre. The training was highly appreciated by the trainees, as they had a good opportunity to exercise on the training ground suitable for imitating any kind of emergencies. The training for held under the program “Emergency rescue operations in zones of chemical contamination”. The guests were also lucky to have long holidays during the training, so they got a good view of the nature and historical heritage of the Republic of Belarus.

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