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Training courses

These courses will separate tactical myth from tactical reality. The courses were designed for team commanders and law enforcement supervisors who want to experience concentrated, in-depth immersion in all aspects of tactical team leadership from member selection to training and retention, command structure and philosophy, and the latest strategic and tactical means of team development and high results while responding to natural and man-made disasters.

A fire-fighter must know how to handle fire, predict its development and danger and effectively fight against it. We offer the training in conditions as real possible: unsuitable for breathing air, extremely high temperature, unexpected surroundings, invisible area.

The training can be done on more than 10 training sites of the operational-tactical area of the center.


The life of a person is unpredictable: you never know how the circumstances will develop in the next 5 minutes, days, months. And what if the surprises of fate are not so pleasant?

No panic, please! Forewarned is forearmed! In this kind of training you will get many useful and interesting information on how to survive in difficult and dangerous situations. You will learn how to behave in the case of natural or man-made disasters: how to protect yourself from the fall of an airplane and survive in a forest fire, how to provide first aid and what to do when you are in a crowd or epicenter of an earthquake.

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Fire safety information saves lives. Basic fire safety can keep your home and family safe by preventing fires before they start. We can offer training for specialists who work with fire alarm and caution installations, automatic fire-extinguishing equipment, evacuation and smoke protection systems.

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We offer training on rescue techniques from different kind of vehicles, trucks, buses, carriages, and aircrafts. The type of training depends on the customer’s demand.
There is also a collapsed building where search and rescue skills can be practiced. 
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We offer training on CBRN incidents response. There have been developed a number of programs dedicated to chemical, biological, radiation incidents. We have a close cooperation with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Annually we jointly organize training on “Protection against chemical weapons” program for participants from OPCW member-states. 
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The IRTcenter has a special certificate of the Interstate Aviation Committee for training cabin crew to emergency situations on board the plane. We also possess different types of aircrafts and special elements and use a number of training sites for various type of training. We can train not only fire-fighting inside and outside the plane, but also teach techniques of evacuation and rescue from the water surface.



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