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Applied for:
- credible simulation of real emergencies that arise during accidents at the objects of gas supply;
- modeling hazardous factors that affect rescuers and fire-fighters during the elimination of the accident at gas supply objects;
- rescuers training to extinguish the fires at gas supply objects;
- conducting research aimed at the elimination of accidents at objects of gas industry and gas services.
Read more: Fire ground for emergencies elimination on gas supplying objects

Applied for:
- rescuers’ training in conducting high-altitude work in unsupported space using climbing equipment;
- training in climbing at the height on flat surfaces;
- conducting rescue operations at different levels of the industrial objects constructions;
- learning the elements of climbing, delay and self-line.
This complex can also be used as a venue for the climbing competitions and rescuers championships holding.

Actions modelled at the site:

- contamination of natural and artificial water sources by radioactive, hazardous chemical and biological agents ;
- Hazardous Materials spill at the accidents at chemically dangerous objects and storage facilities;
- radioactive waste pollution;
-CBRN agents pollution of the wehicles and equipment;
- mercury spill and pollution;
Read more: Radiation and chemical protection site

Psychological complex for practical training in conditions of fire hazardous

Applied for:

- working out and consolidating the trainees' skills in conducting operations in breathing apparatus;
- developing the psychological and psychophysical qualities necessary for conducting operations under extreme conditions;
Read more: The psychological complex for practical training in conditions of hazardous fire factors

Applied for:

- developing of fire-fighters and rescuers’ high moral and professional qualities and psychological stability;
- working out of existing methods and developing new methods and ways of working with the fire and rescue tools and equipment;
- developing new methods and testing new tools for fire-fighting and the accidents elimination on the chemical and petrochemical industry technological equipment;
- implementing into practice of fire and rescue units’ work the latest achievements of science and technology.

Multifunctional training complex for emergency rescue operations in the zone of buildings collapse

Applied for:

- working out operations on the blockages extinguishing in the sourses of technogenic accidents and natural disasters;
- working with self-contained rescue tools.
Read more: Multifunctional training complex on conducting rescue operations in a zone of building collapse

This complex allows to develop the practical skills of rescuers and crew members of civil aircrafts.  The aircraft body opens for carrying out of investigation, victims search and deblocking, first aid, evacuation of passengers and aircrew members in smoke condition through emergency exits with the use of organic equipment, rescue vehicles; first aid to victims, evacuation of passengers , the use of rescue and respiratory protection equipment of the aircraft; joint actions of the crew members with rescuers. This complex is unique and copyrights are patented.

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