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Training of Russian specialists

On February 24-28.02.2020 representatives of Association of organizations of the construction complex of the nuclear industry (LLC AK ESCM) passed a training cause under the program “Installation, commissioning and maintenance of automatic fire alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, smoke protection systems, notification transmission systems, fire warning systems and evacuation control”. Also the professional development course was passed by three representatives of this group. In total, from 2004, 1.106 people from 31 Subjects of the Russian Federations and 38 different organizations were trained from Russia. This is the 2nd result among 61 countries.

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In November 25 – December 06, 2019 six representatives of Elektrosevkavmontazh Corporation of Krasnodar, Russian Federation passed training for profession “Industrial climber of V qualification category”. The trainees obtained skills of rope access, work with special equipment on heights, studied important guidelines and regulations for rope access.  


In September 17-21, 2018 six representatives of “Electrosevcavmontazh Company” Krasnodar, the Russian Federation passed training to the program ) in the Republic of Belarus under the program “Work with fire retardant composition materials”. Russian colleagues at the moment work at the site of construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus.

In November 11-15, 2019 on the basis of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant which is being under construction now, IRTcentre instructors gave training courses to Elektrosevkavmontazh Corporation employees. Eight trainees passed training course “Work with the use of flame retardants (engineers and technicians)” and forty-three employees were trained under the program “Work with the use of flame retardants (contractors)”. Elektrosevkavmontazh Corporation is a subcontractor at the construction sites of Belarusian Power Station.

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