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Applied for:

- developing of fire-fighters and rescuers’ high moral and professional qualities and psychological stability;
- working out of existing methods and developing new methods and ways of working with the fire and rescue tools and equipment;
- developing new methods and testing new tools for fire-fighting and the accidents elimination on the chemical and petrochemical industry technological equipment;
- implementing into practice of fire and rescue units’ work the latest achievements of science and technology.

This complex allows to develop the practical skills of rescuers and crew members of civil aircrafts.  The aircraft body opens for carrying out of investigation, victims search and deblocking, first aid, evacuation of passengers and aircrew members in smoke condition through emergency exits with the use of organic equipment, rescue vehicles; first aid to victims, evacuation of passengers , the use of rescue and respiratory protection equipment of the aircraft; joint actions of the crew members with rescuers. This complex is unique and copyrights are patented.

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