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From August 23 to 25, 2023, rescuers from Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan took part in the international competitions "The Best operator of unmanned aerial vehicles" at the IRTcentre operational and tactical training ground. 12 rescue teams equipped with multirotor type UAVs claimed victory. Within 3 days, the competition participants demonstrated the ability to use drones in emergency situations.

At five objects competition objects, participants examined structures in case of natural or man-made emergencies for the presence of victims; created an orthophotoplan of a given area, calculated the area of the emergency and the search for victims; passed a high-speed route in a flight simulator. The competitions did not stop at night either. As it turns dark, the drones performed search operations in ecosystems using an infrared camera and a searchlight mounted on the UAV.
The organizers of the competition were the State Aviation Emergency Rescue Institution "AVIATION" MES and the branch "Institute for Retraining and Advanced Training" of the University of Civil Protection.
Following the results of the competition in the international and inter-republican competitions, the title of "Best operator of unmanned vehicles" was won by a team from the Minsk Regional Department team MES Belarus.

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