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On February 14, 2024, foreign students of the preparatory courses "Russian language" of the BNTU branch "Borisov State Polytechnic College" visited the IRTcentre. During the visit, the college students watched with interest the training session of participants in the fire and rescue sports competitions, which will be held at the IRTcentre from February 14 to 16, 2024.

An excursion to the training complex for pilots and cabin crew of aircrafts, where at that time a group of flight attendants of the National Airline Belavia was working out practical skills in conducting emergency rescue operations during an emergency landing of an aircraft on water, aroused a great deal of interest. And classes in the auditorium of Emergency Medicine were provided practical advices for students.

Among the students, there were representatives from the Republic of Mali, the Union of the Comoros, the State of Eritrea, the Republic of Burundi and the Republic of Guinea. When summing up the results of the visit, the students expressed interest in taking thematic trainings at the IRTcentre.

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Video: Training programs

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