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A government delegation from the Tyumen region of the Russian Federation visited the IRTcentre on February 19, 2024, as part of their tour to the Republic of Belarus. The delegation consisted of the following officials: Igor GRISHAENKOV, commercial director of POZHTRADE LLC and the official representative of POZNAB LLC in the Russian Federation; Alexey MOROZOV, head of the fire safety department of the department of civil protection and fire safety in the Tyumen Region; Konstantin SKVORETS, head of state institution fire service in the Tyumen area.


Vitaly BABICH, head of the IRTcentre, and Nikolay Zakhvitsevich, head of the educational services export sector, introduced the guests to the educational opportunities offered by IRTcentre and its material resources. Potential avenues for collaboration between the IRTcentre and the rescue units in the Tyumens Region were explored during the visit.

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