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On August 24, 2020, the representatives of the twinning project “Strengthening the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus” visited the International Rescuers Training Center (IRTcentre).

Kimmo Tuominen (Finland) the head of the 4th component of the twinning project "Strengthened mobilization and coordination of disaster preparedness and response measures" and Esa Alberg (Finland) the permanent resident adviser of the twinning project got acquainted with the educational and material base of the IRTcentre, and the trainees’ living arrangements, and food.

During the visit, the guests were accompanied:Dmitry Tkachuk deputy head of the working group on the implementation of the twinning project, Colonel of the internal service; Tatyana Surikova project coordinator, Lieutenant Colonel of the internal service;Alexey Ioffe head of sub-task 4.3. of the 4th component " Improvement of disaster preparedness and response plans”.

Vitaly Babich deputy head of the IPPK branch, Lieutenant Colonel of the internal service, and Nikolay Zahvitsevich head of the marketing sector presented IRTcentre to the guests and answered all the questions those interested them.

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