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From 09 to 13 August 2021, the third group of 12 officers of the General Directorate of Civil Defence of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan completed a refresher course on the management of rescue and firefighting operations.

Fire extinction of oil, oil products, and gas at the storage facilities, rescue actions in an earthquake zone, and transport rescue operations were practically worked out in conditions similar to real at the IRTcentre operational-tactical training ground.

The Republican Special Forces "ZUBR" and the State Aviation Rescue Institution "AVIATION" of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Belarus held field exercises for the Jordanian officers.

The IRT Center provided an interesting cultural program: it included an excursion to the National Library of Belarus, a sightseeing tour of Minsk, and a visit to the Cathedral Mosque.

To date, 582 representatives of Jordan have been trained at the IRT Centre since 2010.

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