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Five experts from Semser-Ort Sondiri LLC of the Republic of Kazakhstan, completed an advanced training course on «Rescue Activities in Oil and Gas Refining and Exploitation of Oil and Gas Fields» from April 15 to 19, 2024 at the IRTcentre.

During the training, foreign specialists conducted emergency rescue operations at tank farms storing petroleum products, practiced techniques for emergency rescue in an environment unsuitable for breathing, and carried out rescue operations to extract victims from wells and tanks at the operational and tactical field. The trainees also attended field exercises at the Republican Special Response Team, the Republican Centre for Emergency Management and Response and the Brest Regional Department MES Belarus. Guests from Kazakhstan experienced the attractions of Minsk and Borisov, as well as historically significant locations in the Borisov region, as part of their cultural program. They also visited the Museum of the Defense of Brest Fortress and the Khatyn Memorial Complex.

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